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Best US Poker Site for Bonuses – Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker is a relative new kid on the block, having only gone into full launch in November 2013. Nonetheless, the site has risen to become one of the best US poker sites through a gradually-increasing schedule of first deposit and reload bonuses. However, it is not just for the size of the first deposit bonus and reload bonuses that we consider Full Flush Poker to be the best US poker site for bonuses.

The site has also introduced cashback bonuses – which enhance the value of players´ bankrolls immediately. These bonuses enable players to compete at higher stake levels or play at more tables than they otherwise would – generating more rake for Full Flush Poker and enabling the site to increase future bonus offers and the value of its promotions.

Full Flush Poker Bonus

The Full Flush Poker bonus is not the biggest available to US poker players nor the easiest to clear. What makes Full Flush Poker the best US poker site for bonuses is the frequency and the variety of the bonuses, which combined create the most viable opportunities for players to “earn” free poker money. Here´s an example of what we mean:

In May 2015, if you are a new player at Full Flush Poker, you qualify for a first deposit bonus of 150% on deposits up to $1,000. So, if you were to deposit $1,000, you would have the opportunity to clear an extra $1,500 in bonuses. You would also receive 20% instant cashback on deposits over $100 – so, that´s another $200 in poker bonuses assuming you deposited $1,000 to take advantage of the maximum first deposit bonus. Poker bonus running total = $1,700.

The following month, you have the option of taking advantage of a 100% reload bonus of up to $1,500. If you deposit the maximum amount for this offer, you will also receive a $100 “standard” cashback bonus (10% on all reload deposits over $50 – maximum bonus $100), a $150 “VIP Loyalty” cashback bonus and a further $150 “Deposit Method” cashback bonus if you use one of Full Flush Poker´s preferred deposit options. Poker bonus running total = $3,600.

Repeat the process in month three, and your poker bonus running total increases to $5,500. Repeat the process for a full twelve months and – assuming the value of Full Flush Poker´s bonuses remain unchanged – you could collect up to $22,600 in Full Flush Poker bonuses.

It is not just the bonuses that add up. For each month that you deposit into your Full Flush Poker account, you will receive a ticket into a depositor´s freeroll with a prize pool of $1,000, plus all the POP Points you collect clearing the Full Flush Poker bonus can be redeemed for cash in the site´s “POP for Cash” exchange program.

Clearing the Full Flush Poker Bonus

So now we have told you how much money you can collect in Full Flush Poker bonuses, we had better let you know how to get your hands on the free poker money. Both the Full Flush First Deposit Poker Bonus and the Full Flush Reload Poker Bonus are cleared in the same way – by earning POP Points when you contribute to the rake deducted from cash game pots or pay a fee to enter a Sit & Go or MTT tournament.

10 POP Points are awarded for each $1.00 paid in rake or tournament entry fees (please note that no POP Points are awarded for a Sit & Go or tournament with a buy-in of less than $10.00 + $1.00). The bonus is released at the rate of 20 POP Points per dollar deposited; so this means that if you are clearing a 150% first deposit bonus, $1.50 will be credited to your bonus account each time you earn 20 POP Points.

A VERY IMPORTANT POINT ABOUT CASHBACK. You have to rake $1.00 for every $1.00 of cashback credited to your account before the cashback bonus can be withdrawn. This will not affect most players, who will be contributing to the rake to earn the POP Points to clear their Full Flush Poker bonus. If you were thinking of depositing $1,000 to get the $200 cashback bonus and then withdrawing $1,200 – don´t bother. This is considered an abuse of the offer by Full Flush Poker and could result in the suspension of your account.

Other Benefits of Playing at Full Flush Poker

There are significant other benefits of playing at Full Flush Poker and these include the soft level of competition, the guaranteed tournaments, and the site´s promotions: but first a word of explanation:

The way in which the Full Flush Poker bonuses are structured encourages recreational players to make relatively small deposits each month and play towards their bonus. This means that a lot of the liquidity at the tables is in the micro and low-stakes cash games.

The lack of action at higher-stake tables deters some players with bigger bankrolls from joining Full Flush Poker and they clear off to play on other sites – leaving behind a fairly soft level of competition. Although a limited amount of mid to high-stakes action makes the bonus harder to clear, it usually means that sessions are more profitable and tournaments easier to cash in.

Full Flush Poker Tournaments

Bearing in mind the above comments about players having smaller bankrolls, the majority of Full Flush Poker tournaments have fairly modest buy-ins and consequently have fairly modest guarantees. During the week, the largest guaranteed prize pool is often no bigger than $5,000 and, at the weekends, the largest guaranteed prize pools only exceed $10,000 (Saturday) and $15,000 (Sunday) when a special event or promotion is occurring.

Having said that, there is one good reason to play in Full Flush Poker tournaments – overlay. Tournaments at Full Flush Poker have no late registration, and although the majority of them have a re-buy and add-on structure, it is often the case that they fail to meet their guarantee. Furthermore, Full Flush Poker´s payout structure is unique inasmuch as the site guarantees how many places will get paid before the tournament gets underway.

Consequently, you could find yourself in an event paying thirty places irrespective of whether fifty players enter the tournament or two thousand. In the smaller tournaments a player of average ability will find it difficult not to cash and, as mentioned earlier, the soft level of competition makes the tournaments at Full Flush Poker eminently beatable.

Other Full Flush Poker Promotions

Full Flush Poker has an ever-changing schedule of promotions, so we are not going to publish them her because they will be out of date within a month! We will say that the promotions at Full Flush Poker generally consist of a multi-level rake race – which gives players of all bankrolls the opportunity to win a cash prize – and a leaderboard competition in which players earn points not only for how they perform in the site´s feature tournaments but also for the volume of action they contribute at the cash game tables.

The “POP-for-Cash” promotion mentioned earlier is the closest that Full Flush Poker gets to a rewards program – allowing players to cash their points at an exchange rate of 200 POP Points per dollar. POP Points can also be used in exclusive POP tournaments (many of the site´s freerolls have the entry requirement of 1 POP Point), but are otherwise used to monitor progress in other Full Flush Poker promotions. We recommend saving your POP Points up for a special occasion – like Christmas or your birthday – and then treating yourself.

Full Flush Poker Software

The Full Flush Poker software is basic, but it is at least compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Because of its simplicity, downloading the Full Flush Poker software is quick and easy and, because it is remarkably light on RAM, enables you to play up to four tables simultaneously without any drag or delay.

The downloaded Full Flush Poker client also gives you access to an online casino in which you can play a variety of slots, video games and table games, and a Live Dealer Casino which offers a selection of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Casino Hold´em. The software also has a “Play Money” facility which can be used to become familiar with the poker software, but we recommend that you do not consider it representative of the standard of play you will find when you are playing for real money.

One point we should mention before leaving this section of the Full Flush Poker review is that you have to enter the Full Flush Poker bonus code “USABONUS” on the first of the registration pages when you first sign up for an account. Even if you are not yet ready to make your first deposit, it is essential that you use the Full Flush Poker bonus code “USABONUS” to be eligible for the first deposit bonus.

Depositing and Cashing Out at Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker offers a wide choice of deposit options from Visa, to Bitcoin, to Western Union and MoneyGram. You will need to complete a Visa authorization form before you are able to deposit using your Visa card, and you have to send Full Flush Poker a photocopy of the front and back of your card. This is part of the verification process that you will need to complete before able to request a cashout, so you might as well get it out of the way.

Full Flush Poker has a ten-day waiting period following a deposit before you can withdraw back to your Visa card, so you might want to investigate other cash out options. Most of these have quite high minimum limits (for example only checks above $1,000 will be issued) and fees attached to them (the minimum fee for a P2P withdrawal is $36.00). We have not yet found a way around avoiding minimum limits and fees except for moving abroad and using Neteller!

Integrity, Security and Customer Support at Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker dedicates several pages on its website to the integrity of its games and player security. The site uses dual algorithms for generating random numbers and apparently this means that cards are dealt with a much higher order of evenly distributed results that any other random number generator. The site also has measures in place to prevent hacking and comes down tough on any verified instances of collusion.

Although we did not need to test out the customer support, we did bother the live chat representative for the sake of compiling this Full Flush Poker review. We chose a quiet time to ask about deposit bonuses, but still had to wait a little while before we got a reply. There is a toll-free phone number that players can call for a quicker response, and support is also available through email. We suggest that you add Full Flush Poker to your email contact list because quite often email subscribers find out about forthcoming promotions before they go up on the website.

Full Flush Poker Review Summary

We should not finish this review of Full Flush Poker without mentioning the traffic, because not everybody is a recreation player who wants to play in the US evenings or at weekends. So, although Full Flush Poker caters primarily for players in the US, it is attached to the Equity Poker Network which has popular skins in Europe and Asia. This means that there is a fair amount of action during “off-peak” times, which gives more opportunities for players to earn the POP Points required to clear the Full Flush Poker bonus.

Other than that, we were pretty happy with the site. The choice of games is a bit limited (tournaments are only played in NL Hold´em) and the software is a bit short on bells and whistles, but other than that we found very little to find fault with. The gradually-increasing bonuses have been managed responsibly and subsequently Full Flush Poker is now the best US poker site for bonuses. It is certainly something Full Flush Poker seems to be doing right – and we recommend that you give them a go!