Oregon Poker

Oregon is a beautiful state, blessed with amazing coastlines, a fertile wine region, and some amazing towns to visit. The state is also known for being the home to many professional poker players, and with a foundation like it has on the ground, it is easy to understand why so many great players call Oregon home.

No matter what your knowledge level is of poker, this site is bound to give you some insight into where and how the game is played in Oregon. From live games, you can find across the state to the story of online poker in the region, this page has it all covered.

Online Poker in Oregon

A question that is on all poker players’ minds these days is, “When is online poker going to be legal again?” We don’t have a crystal ball, so we can’t say for certainty, but we know there is significant demand for the game. Real money online poker in the 2000s was the breeding ground for many of the professionals from Oregon – the games were juicy and very large, with some tournaments generating prize pools into the millions of dollars. Sadly, that all came to an end in 2011 thanks to the federal government, and today anyone looking to play real money online poker in the state is out of luck.

There is a small chance that the game could be revived now that online sports betting is legal in the state. The Oregon Lottery manages the lone online sportsbook, and perhaps lobbyists for poker will try to have it added to the current language of the law.

Land Based Poker in Oregon

One reason why poker continues to be very popular in states like Oregon, despite the loss of real money online games, is that there was already a healthy land-based poker community in the state. Land-based cash games and tournaments are spread out all over the state, and while there are some confusing rules about whether or not these games can be raked, they continue to exist in force. Even if you are just starting out, it would be great to jump into a small $1/$2 game to feel the energy of playing for real cash when most of the online options in the state are currently more socially-driven.

Here’s a list of all the live poker games you will find around Oregon:

Beach Poker Club (Eugene, OR)
Chinook Winds Casino (Lincoln City, OR)
Final Table Poker Club (Portland, OR)
Full House Poker (Eugene, OR)
Grants Pass Poker Room (Grants Pass, OR)
High Mountain Poker Palace (Eugene, OR)
Medford Social Poker Room (Medford, OR)
MVP Games & Sports (Corvallis, OR)
No Look Poker Club (Medford, OR)
One Good Hand – Claudia’s Sports Pub (Portland, OR)
Ontario Poker Room & Social Club (Ontario, OR)
Phoenix Social Poker Club (Phoenix, OR)
Portland Meadows (Portland, OR)
Southern Oregon Poker Club (Medford, OR)
Spirit Mountain Casino (Grand Ronde, OR)
The Club House (Roseburg, OR)
The Game (Portland, OR)
Three Rivers Casino (Florence, OR)
Wildhorse Casino (Pendleton, OR)

Social Poker in Oregon

As we just mentioned, the remnants of online poker in the U.S. are primarily free-play based. Social poker, networks of players playing via social sites like Facebook, became very popular in the early 2010s. These sites served a dual purpose: many players are able to play their way through the games for free, trying to achieve new levels and enter higher stakes games, while those who simply want to enter those high-limit games directly can do so by purchasing chips from the site which can be used to buy-in to these games. Yes, that means that technically you are buying chips for events from which you cannot cash out, but the value of the practice and quality of the games at the higher levels is worth the investment of cash in the long run.

Subscription Poker in Oregon

If you have been watching the World Poker Tour on television over the last few years, you may have heard or seen reference to a site called Club WPT. This is the leader in another type of online poker that exists in the U.S. market today – subscription poker. The site charges a monthly membership fee to users, for which they receive great discounts on travel, shopping, etc. As well, they receive free entry into many online poker tournaments where they can win real prizes like electronics and seats to World Poker Tour live events. Oregon is one of the 36 states that has access to these sites under sweepstakes laws, and we think they are a great way for tournament players to stay sharp.

Mobile Poker in Oregon

Mobile devices are now the most used electronics in the country, and with most people owning a smartphone, there is an entire ecosystem of mobile gaming apps available to download. The good news for poker players is that even though real money poker apps aren’t yet available, there are loads of free play ones that will give players the chance to get used to the look and feel of poker on your phone or tablet. We are seeing real money poker apps available in states where legislation has been passed like New Jersey, so when the time is right for regulations in Oregon, players will immediately have access to these games.

Online Poker in Oregon FAQ

I am traveling to Nevada – can I play online poker there even though I don’t live there?

Yes, absolutely – nothing is stopping you from registering for an account and making a deposit to play at a Nevada online poker site. This means you can take part in the chance to win a WSOP bracelet if you happen to be traveling to Nevada in June. Otherwise, you can just enjoy all the real money cash games and tournaments on the site. One thing to remember is that you will lose access to the site when you leave the state, so make sure you finish up all your banking transactions before you depart!

Offshore poker sites still exist – what’s stopping me from playing at them?

Nothing really, except for your appetite for risk. The sites that remained open after the Black Friday events in 2011 are truly rogue – the owners won’t dare come to the U.S. for fear of facing prosecution. So, while there are a handful of sites you can try, we would suggest you stay away – there is too much effort that has to be put into depositing and maintaining your account that we don’t think it is worth it.