Tennessee Poker

Every state has its won history of sorts with the game of poker. Some states have had a robust history of the game for decades, while others have had to watch from the sidelines in these times without real money online poker.

One state that has had a major impact on the game of poker while having a fractured relationship with it is Tennessee. In fact, one of the most important moments in the history of the game not only in the United States but globally involves Tennessee. This site will bring you up to speed on what that event is and how it continues to have an impact on the game today, as well as giving you an overview of what you can play and where from the confines of the Volunteer State.

Online Poker in Tennessee

Let’s start with the most exciting poker news to come out of Tennessee, regarding real money online poker. In 2003, a young man from the state by the name of Chris Moneymaker played a satellite on Poker Stars to win a seat to the World Series of Poker Main Event. We all know what happened next – he won the seat, decided to go play, and ended up winning the whole darn thing.

None of this would have been possible if real money online poker wasn’t available in Tennessee or in other states across the U.S. The industry took off from there – players from the state tried to replicate Moneymaker’s feat by the thousands. Not only that, they were now able to play cash games and other tournaments in a state that had previously been very conservative when it came to gambling as a whole.

Unfortunately, players’ luck ran out, and the U.S. government shut down the offshore operators in the U.S. in 2011. While Moneymaker has continues to use his name to build credibility on the land-based poker circuit, other poker players in Tennessee are left to wonder if they will ever have the chance to have their name in lights.

Land Based Poker in Tennessee

Here is where the situation for poker players gets dicey in the wake of online poker sites leaving the market. There are currently no land-based poker rooms in Tennessee. Gambling as a whole is a taboo subject in the state, with only a handful of legal betting options. It is so bad that even trying to pass sports betting regulations in light of states around them also passing similar laws is a huge challenge.

While there are no poker rooms in Tennessee, there are a couple available in neighboring states that may be in driving distance from where you live. Check out our other state pages where we outline those rooms, and if it makes sense to travel, then you should make your way to the felt!

Social Poker in Tennessee

When Facebook became incredibly popular in the late 2000s, thousands of people were signing up each day. The company realized that there were many ways to harness the power of this large group, and this is where companies like Zynga stepped in. ON the platform, it launched a poker game that was designed to cater to the very casual player – one that didn’t necessarily want to gamble money but was willing to play (and pay) for status. When the online poker industry tanked in the U.S., it was the perfect storm for social poker to take over. Today, thousands of players can be found on these sites at any time, providing a great, friendly environment for those looking to improve their overall game.

Subscription Poker in Tennessee

Another way that players in Tennesse can hit the felt without it hurting the wallet too badly is by joining a subscription or sweepstakes poker site. These sites use the language of sweepstakes law in many states to allow players to play in tournaments that offer cash and prizes with no entry fee. Players who pay a subscription fee are credited sweepstakes entries to play in these tournaments.

At Club WPT, one of the leaders in the space, you can play twice a month for a seat to a World Poker Tour event as a grand prize. These sites provide a little more competition than the social sites as they require money for subscriptions, so if you are looking to improve the quality of your opponents, these sites are the best choice today.

Mobile Poker in Tennessee

Of course, we cant talk about online poker today without talking about the mobile component. With the smartphones at the level of technology they are, you can easily find online poker apps to download from the app store on your device. In Tennessee, these will be free play or subscription apps, but if you are traveling somewhere in the U.S. with regulated poker, you will be able to use your device to play for real money! Now, if you choose to do that, remember that those sites will only work while you are physically in the state boundaries – you won’t be able to access the games when you head back to Tennessee.

Online Poker in Tennessee FAQ

How can I learn other games besides Texas Hold’em?

Great question! There are so many poker variants that players haven’t tried because of the immense popularity of No-Limi Hold’em. However, the more games you learn, the better your overall poker skills will become. You should start with our section of Poker Game Guides – there, you will find the basics of games like Razz, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and many others. You can also find great training videos online, which will take you to the next level after reading our guides, and of course, there is no better training tool than finding a table, sitting down, and playing!

What about playing real money online poker at one of the sites I see ads for sometimes?

These sites, which do indeed take U.S. players, are not talked about much anymore unless something has gone wrong with one of them. These operators continue to run games, thinking that they will never be caught, but the fact of the matter is that one day, they could just walk away with your money, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. We think you should stay away from these sites.