Wyoming Poker

Gamblers in Wyoming struggle daily with the ultra-conservative view on the topic at the government level. This affects poker players, who are always looking for a way to play the game they enjoy. While real money online poker provided a safe haven for Wyoming poker players for a few years, today, the landscape looks very different.

This page is all about the poker scene in Wyoming – from where to play, to what you can play, plus an update on the status of online poker, we have you covered.

Online Poker in Wyoming

Online poker made its way into the American market in the early 2000s, and when it did, it opened the eyes of many people to the joys of the game. This was especially true in states like Wyoming, where residents were starved for gambling options as a whole. Suddenly, people were able to register for accounts at real money online poker sites and play from their homes for the chance to win life-changing money. Over the next couple of years, Wyoming poker players were winning seats to major live poker events like the World Series of Poker on these sites, and playing in cash games ranging from pennies per hand to high-stakes games.

It seemed like everything was right with the world, but the issue with these rapidly-growing real money online poker sites was their legality. There were no laws prohibiting their play (in Wyoming, there still isn’t any law prohibiting residents from gambling online), so in 2006 the federal government passed a law that would at least see the banking transactions become illegal. This move forced several poker sites out of the market, and those that stayed found themselves bounced out by way of indictments in 2011. Since then, there has been some movement to legalize online poker at the state level (there are now six states with legal online poker). However, to date, there hasn’t been any discussion in Wyoming about following suit.

Land Based Poker in Wyoming

Wyoming residents do not have a lot of choices for land-based poker, which only serves to amplify the issue of the online poker sites exiting the U.S. market in 2011. In fact, there is only one card room that is open on a regular basis at the Wind River Casino.

If you are looking to play some land-based real money poker and you are willing to travel, there are some neighboring states which have more of a selection. Check out our other individual state pages, and you will find details on those poker rooms so you can determine which are the closest to your location. Aside from that, your best bet is to take a trip to Reno or Las Vegas and get your poker fix that way.

Social Poker in Wyoming

Those of you who are looking for places to play online poker have likely seen hundreds of ads and posts for social poker sites on Facebook and other social networks. Social poker is a great way to keep yourself active in the game without having to spend any money. These sites regularly have thousands of players in cash games and tournaments, with the major difference being that no one is playing to win money. Social poker sites are built on aspiration and recognition – trying to be the best and then showing it off to your friends. This may seem like an odd model for a game that is so heavily built around money, but when you think about it, this makes the game appeal to an even larger base. You may want to check these games out even if only to keep your skills sharp.

Sweepstakes Poker in Wyoming

Here is some good news for fans of online poker in Wyoming! The way that sweepstakes laws are worded in the state has allowed some sites to offer poker cash games and tournaments where you can win cash and prizes! The big caveat here is that there can be no purchase needed to join the games if someone wants to play. Sites like Club WPT and Global Poker are now leaders in this space.

So, how does it work? Well, each site is slightly different. Club WPT offers players a monthly subscription fee to their service, which gives you discounts on shopping and travel, and a series of sweepstakes entries that you can use to enter the poker tournaments. Global Poker, on the other hand, charges you for virtual currency, which can be used at poker tables but has no redemption value. Purchasers of the currency are “randomly” given sweepstakes points with which they can access special cash games and tournaments. The winners on those tables can redeem their sweepstakes points for cash. In both cases, players who do not want to pay can send a letter in the mail to the company, and they will receive back in the mail a code for free entries.

Mobile Poker in Wyoming

If you just want to find a way to play a few hands here and there without having to into the detail of sweepstakes laws, then you can easily find poker apps to play on your mobile device. The app stores of most devices will have a list of poker games you can play, all of which will cost nothing. With the ability to play for free and from anywhere, these mobile poker games are a great way to practice your skills or try new strategies before you decide to take them to the real money tables.

Online Poker in Wyoming FAQ

If I travel to a state that offers online poker, can I play there?

Yes, those sites are open to anyone who is located in the state regardless of their home. These online poker sites are bound by state law, which includes being ring-fenced, so they are only accessible from IP addresses inside the borders of the state itself. That is something to keep in mind when you decide to make a deposit and play – you won’t be able to access your account when you travel outside the boundaries, so make all your transactions before you leave!

There are some sites that still take U.S. players, right?

Again, this is correct. However, even though a handful of small online poker sites avoided being shut down and continue to accept players from Wyoming, this doesn’t mean you should choose to play there. The inherent risks of playing with an unregulated site still exist, and in a more restrictive environment, there is more of a chance that things could go south for your account. Stay vigilant and stick to legitimate poker experiences – that’s our recommendation.